Dolina Małej Łąki (Little Meadow Valley)

The smallest of the valleys approaching the main ridge. Is only 5.4 km in length with an area of approx. 5.7 km². It is the only valley in the Tatra Mountains which is made up entirely of sedimentary rocks. The upper part shows traces of glacial activity, while the bottom is V-shaped valleys characteristic of those carved out solely by water. In the upper part of the valley, in the slopes of the Czerwone Wierchy (Red Summits), are numerous caves including the deepest and longest in Poland – Wielka Sniezna cave which is made up of almost 24 km of corridors and denivelation 824 m. In the central part of the Dolina Małej Łąki (Little Meadow Valley) is the Wielka Polana (Great Meadow), which is most likely the remains of a dried up and partially buried great glacial lake.

Hiking trails in Little Meadow Valley

 iconGronik – Kondracka Przełęcz (Kondracka Pass) – Kopa Kondracka iconGronik – Przyslop Mietusi Pass – Malolaczniak iconDolina Małej Łaki (Little Meadow Valley) – Main Ridge