Dolina Rybiego Potoku & Dolina Pięciu Stawów Polskich (Fish Brook & Five Polish Lakes Valleys)

Dolina Rybiego Potoku (Fish Brook Valley) – (area approx. 11.5 km², length approx. 5,5 km) and Roztoka Valley with its upper part – Dolina Pięciu Stawów Polskich (Five Polish Lakes Valley) – (length 4.0 km, area of 6.5 km²) represent the upper leg of the mighty Dolina Białki (Bialki Valley) lying in the Slovak part of the Tatras. Both branches are glacial valleys, typical of which are undercutting cliffs, often molded in a way that the creation of a scenic mountain lakes and moraines is made possible. The best example is the stream flowing out of Morskie Oko, next to which a shelter was originally built in 1827. Morskie Oko is the biggest of the Tatra lakes and considered the most beautiful by tourists and many locals. Originally called Rybi Staw (Fish Lake) as it is the only one on the Polish side and only one of the two next to Popradske Pleso (Popradske Lake) in the Slovakian Tatras, where fish spawning is natural. The configuration of streams flowing from these two lakes allowed trout to freely migrate. In the rest of the Tatra lakes, separated by creeks and rapids, fish were introduced artificially. The area surrounding both valleys is a stronghold of wild animals, such as bears, chamois, marmots, deer and lynx, which sometimes can be encountered on the trails.Caution is recommended in the event of encountering a brown bear, especially during the migration of females with their young. There are shelters situated in both valleys by the lakes, while the shelter in the ‘Five Polish Lakes Valley’ (1671 m) is the highest positioned and the hardest Polish shelter to access, especially during the winter.

Hiking trails in Fish Brook & Five Polish Lakes Valleys

iconKozia Przełęcz (Chamois Pass) – Szpiglasowa Przełęcz (Szpiglasowa Pass) – Morskie OkoiconZawrat Pass – Dolina Pięciu Stawów (Five Polish Lakes Valley) – Morskie Oko iconVia Roztoki ValleyiconDolina Pięciu Stawów (Five Polish Lakes Valley) – Krzyzne PassiconDolina Pięciu Stawów (Five Polish Lakes Valley) – Kozi Wierch iconMickiewicza Waterfalls – Morskie Oko – RysyiconMorskie Oko – Czarny Staw – Przełęcz Pod Chlopkiem (Pod Chlopkiem Pass)iconMorskie Oko – Za Mnichem Valley – Wrota Chalubinskiego (Chalubinskiego Gate Pass)