Dolina Bystrej (Bystra Brook Valley)

Bystra Brook Valley has a length of about 6 km and an area of approx. 17 square kilometers. It is made up of both the sedimentary and crystalline rocks. Its sculpture is owed to both the action of glaciers and karst processes. The result of the latter are numerous caves, mostly quite difficult to navigate and therefore not open to tourists. In certain places, underground water flow penetrates the surface in large quantities, called karst springs, sometimes at a rate of hundreds of litres per second. The biggest karst spring in this valley is Wywierzysko Bystrej. A characteristic feature of these discharges is a constant temperature throughout the year of only a few degrees Celsius.The valley is also known for extremely strong winds which resulted in large numbers of windfalls seen in the region. The strongest wind recorded in 1968 reached the ridge considerably in excess of 200 km/h! Over the centuries, the valley was exploited both industrially and as farmland. At the mouth of the valley, in Kuznice, there was a famous ironworks which was still active as late as end of the nineteenth century. The ground station of the cable car to Kasprowy Wierch was built on the site where the iron smelting furnace once stood and just below, we have the old court belonging to the owners of land and industrial plant. Currently there are no traces of the industrial history of the area, only recently restored remains of the manor house and park remain preserved. Due to the fact that the Polish Tatras are in a nature reserve, a large part of the valley is strictly protected and cultivating livestock was almost completely abolished. Only a strictly defined number of animals in certain places is allowed. Damage caused by long-term felling of trees for the furnace, has been undone in the last few decades.

Hiking trails in Bystra Brook Valley

 iconKuznice – Kasprowy Wierch iconKuznice – Nosal iconHala Kondratowa – Przełęcz Pod Kopą Kondracką (Pod Kopa Kondracka Pass) iconDolina Bystrej (Bystra Brook Valley) – Main Ridge iconKuznice – Dolina Kondratowa (Kondratowa Valley) – Giewont iconKuznice – Dolina Jaworzynka (Jaworzynka Valley) – Przełęcz Między Kopami (Miedzy Kopami Pass)