Dolina Chochołowska (Chocholowska Valley)

Chocholowska Valley is the westernmost plain situated in the Polish Tatras. It is the longest and also the most frequented of the valleys located in the Polish Western Tatras. The valley runs along a tarmac road, which roughly halfway up to Polana Chochołowska (Chocholowska Glade) turns into a gravel path. Cycling is permitted in the area and the nature of the terrain is perfectly suited to the task. Bike rental is available at the entrance or you can take the road train which runs roughly halfway into the basin. To discover the real charm of this area, you need to travel up the valley, scaling one of the many sets of chains surrounding it. The area is densely forested. In fact, the main place for sightseeing is the vantage point on the extensive and picturesque Chocholowska Glade, which features a scope of historical architecture. Grazing sheep are a common sight in the area. Crests and ridges rising above the valley are covered with meadows and dwarf pine, and the color of the land alters thoughout the seasons. Hiking trails around the Chocholowska Valley are relatively easy to manouvre as the peaks are mostly grassy and the terrain is much milder than that of the rugged High Tatras.

Hiking trails in Chocholowska Valley

iconLeading up to the shelter iconChocholowska Glade – Grzes – Wolowiec iconChocholowska Glade – Rakon iconChocholowska Glade -Trzydniowianski Wierch – Konczysty Wierch iconChocholowska Valley – Main Ridge iconDolina Starorobociańska (Starorobocianska Valley) iconOrnak – Ridge